Graduation Message, School Year 2020-2021!!! My dear graduates, parents, teachers, and stakeholders you all deserve to celebrate and be proud of yourselves, its accessing that we won’t have a traditional graduation ceremony and sadly we cannot control the circumstances that we face today. Early last year, when those who are ahead of you were about to have their graduation exercises as sudden change happen. It was mid-March we ware all ordered to stay at home especially your age group. We were caution not to hold gatherings be in small or large to prevent transmission of virus which is hazardous. After a year of too much uncertainty here you are having this virtual graduation exercises, you are fortunate enough because things have improved. Yes, your life has turned upside down you stopped going to school and started answering your modules at home with the assistance of your parents or guardians. When there were items in the modules that you considered hard for you to understand, you couldn’t ask right away to your teacher, but technical assistance had been done to make things less difficult for you while at home you worry about your classmates, friends, teachers and of course your family members who must go out to earn for a living. You worry about for everyone’s safety and today, this door of your elementary life is officially closing for you. It was abrupt, it is upsetting and from time of heart breaking that you will have this ceremony not being together and not knowing when you will see each other again. It can be hard to imagine what life could look like as time progress. The only certainty we have is that time goes on and the future will arrive. We always have the freedom to choose how we scanned to it as we take this next step in life, we can use the pandemic as an excuse for why we cannot move on in life it can use it as a motivator to find our purpose. I encourage you my dear graduates not to forget to thank everyone who have been there for you. Your parents who have been patient in claiming and returning the modules and assisting you in answering. Tour teachers who spent so much time and effort in reproducing, distributing, retrieving, and checking all these modules plus the technical assistance extended to you. Our DepEd Officials. LGU Officials and of course our Barangay Officials who keep on monitoring to ensure our safety. May we acknowledge how everyone played a role to deliver and prepare our children to the next level of education, and above all don’t forget to thank our heavenly father who help us to have faith and the love. He always gives us hope and failure. We are making this virtual graduation exercises memorable for you. Congratulations my dear graduates, may your fire burn rightly as we chase your dreams whatever season you want and keep safe everyone.