Dear Parents and Students of FPCNHS, As the principal of FPCNHS, it is an honor to serve FPCNHS and the Macasing community. Working with such a bright and devoted faculty and staff, a fantastic student body, and a supporting network of parents and community members can only help FPCNHS achieve greater success. The professors, staff, and administration at Francisco P. Consolacion National High School are dedicated to delivering a high-quality education, as well as meaningful extracurricular programs, to all of the students on campus. Each teacher is student-centered and has been tasked with engaging pupils and creating ideal learning environments. As your principal, I challenge each and every student to take full advantage of everything FPCNHS has to offer so that you can have a successful, pleasurable, and most importantly, meaningful high school experience. Every student on this school, in my opinion, has the skill and capacity to do great things! I challenge each of you to begin developing, displaying, and honing your character traits from the earliest days of school, as this will help create the framework for your future success. Thank you for choosing FPCNHS, and may God bless you and your family.