COVID-19 has undeniably thrown the world into topsy-turvy and changed it to something we were unfamiliar with. A series of lockdowns were declared all throughout the country in the early part of 2020 following the widespread of the virus in the archipelago. On March 16, 2020, classes were indefinitely suspended, and everyone was enjoined to strictly stay at home. We were told to wear face masks, face shields, maintain social distancing and always carry a personal supply of alcohol whenever we go out of the comfort of our homes. We thought it would only last for a week or two, but no. Up to this day, it still poses a threat to all humanity. Following the event, Moving-up, Recognition, Completion, and Graduation Ceremonies were canceled. It even became a huge debate whether to open classes the next school year with the pandemic and all. A lot of parents expressed their concerns on this matter; thus, the Department of Education made the learners’ continuous academic growth possible through the offering of the different Alternative Learning Deliveries: Modular, Online, TV and Radio Broadcasting, and Blended. We are very much proud to say that for two years now, PAGADIAN CITY PILOT SCHOOL has remained to be competitive in terms of giving distance learning with BLENDED Modality: Modular-Print, and Online-Digital, coupled with the Radio Broadcasting initiated by the Division of Pagadian City Office. We continue to offer quality education and make learning easier and enjoyable for the learners and parents alike. The teachers work harder and grab every opportunity given them to grow professionally. We cannot deny the fact that there are still many things to improve, but we are also learning and improving as time goes by. We are just so blessed that we are still here today; and with that, we can still offer our best in the service of our clientele. We thank everyone who chose to stay with us and welcome those who chose to be with us. Rest assured that no matter what happens, we will continue to rise above any unfavorable circumstance and offer you all the BEST.