Lourdes Elementary School - HISTORY

Lourdes Elementary School is located at Barangay Lourdes, Pagadian City. It has a distance of around 38 kilometers from the Division office. It is an interior school that can be reached by any vehicle going to the mountain side. The residents of barangay Lourdes came together in 1966 and agreed to establish two (2) classrooms using the PAHINA System, under the leadership of the late Barrio lieutenant (now Punong Barangay), Hon. Macalinsog Lamig and Gumogenes Taghoy, an assigned teacher. Cogon grass was used to construct the school building. The school was officially launched the following month. In the same year, the owner, Macalinsog Lamig, gave a ten thousand square meter (10,000 sq.m) school site. After four years, the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) worked together to build a new classroom for grades 5 and 6. The Bagong Lipunan Building was constructed in 1978, a single structure building with three (3) classrooms. The following year, three (3) more classrooms were added. It was then used as the beginning point for the formal opening and acceptance of students from grades 1 to 6. After a major earthquake in 1983 caused one building to collapse, the Parents-Teachers Association agreed to construct a temporary classroom for the learners. There was a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that was represented by the SECAL and had a DENR contract to administer and implement a Barangay forestry program. This organization recognized that the school requires more classrooms. The aforementioned organization offered ideas and donated a building with two (2) classrooms. Lastly, Congressman Jun Real donated a Chinese Model Building through the effort of the Barangay Captain Hon. Elino Lamig in the year 1994.